Bielke Dubbel was inspired by the Belgian trappist beer tradition. It's a rich, warming yet balanced beer. You may find ripe fruits and a hint of caramel in it's taste.

The beer style called Belgian dubbel originates in monasteries in - you got it - Belgium. Trappist beers that are brewed in the monasteries are a protected group of products.

These beers are always brewed on the monastery premises. Any proceedings gotten from the sales of the beers have to be used for charity and monastery maintenance. The name dubbel is also used outside of monasteries, but in those cases the beer is not a trappist beer.

The history of these beverages started already in the medieval times. Their new revival started in mid 1800's, after the Napoleonic era.

Belgian dubbels are malty, rich beers that might provide a slight warm feeling of alcohol in the taste. The aroma traditionally carries some caramel and maybe a hint - but only a hint - of spices. Strong hoppy aromas are left for other styles. They might even be completely absent, although the beers are often hopped with noble hops.

Dubbels are a little on the darker side, but not completely black. They show some ruby red shades, that originate from the versatile malts in their recipies.

Bielke Dubbel inherits the traditions of the fortress

Bielke is a fortress build in Suomenlinna. It was built in the 1700's. During it's long history it's been not only a part of the protection of the island but also a home for many people. Even some commanders have had their apartments there. There has also been a church in the building.

Bielke was named after an old Swedish noble family.

One of the notable members of the family was Ture Gabriel Bielke, who was a politician and a part of the Swedish military. He was also married to a family member of Peter Bernhard Piper, who was a commander on Suomenlinna.

One of Ture's relatives was also a founding member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences together with Anders von Höpken, so the ties to the Finnish Grand Dutchy were close.

Our Bielke Dubbel charms instantly with it's richness. It's taste is warm and a bit fruity. The maltiness of the beer is balanced by it's dryness and the result is, although full bodied, very drinkable. The aromas of the beer are at their best when it's about 10-12 degrees celcius.

IBU 18

Bielke Dubbel is released 27.10.2017  at 2 pm at OlutExpo beer festival.

You can also get a taste at the wonderful beerhouse Viisi Penniä.

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