Coyet Ale (4,5 % ABV) is a copper red, rich beer. It has a creamy foam, amber color and substantial maltiness balanced with strong hopping.

In the 1700's, beer was a safer choice as a drink than water that might have been contaminated or dirty. The recipe of the traditional beers included top fermenting yeast. As beer production industrialized, ale style beers became more popular. British ales are often full bodied, even fruity.

Coyet Ale is a traditional and tasty thirst quencher

Coyet Ale (4.5 % ABV) is named after the famous warrior Henrik Gideon Coyet (1725-1774) who spent the last years of his life at the Suomenlinna fortress' building site. Ehrensvärd, the commander of the fortress, named a part of the gallant fortress after him.

Our excellent Coyet Ale will continue the tradition of top fermented beers from Suomenlinna. This all-malt beer (pilsner, ale and caramel malts) is strongly hopped, copper red in color with a creamy foam head. All built on a beautiful, malty body.

You'll find your Coyet Ale at grocery stores around Finland and in restaurants, both on tap and bottled.

Our Ale is light in it's ABV, yet tasty and rich. It's a good companion for red meats and fatty foods, that balance the beer’s hops.