Fabelgé is a Belgian pale ale brewed exclusively for Bar Favela in summer 2017.  It's simple malt body is backed up by spicy notes from hops, while yeasts used in brewing make this beer a very enjoyable experience.

Belgium is a very traditional brewing country, where the history of brewing pale ales goes as far as to the 1700's - to a time period when Suomenlinna - then called Viapori - was being built. After the second world war Belgian ales got were influenced by British beers in addition to receiving hops and yeast strains from the island.

Belgian pale ales can be described as easily drinkable, lightly malty and maybe a little more easily approachable than other traditional Belgian styles of beer.

Starring in these beers is their malt profile and the yeast strains used. Yeast brings fruit, esthers and phenols into the drink's palette. The hopping politely gives way to these aromas. The whole experience is both stylish and nuanced. You can find notes of caramel and honey in the aroma and even some notes of biscuits or nutty flavors.

Fabelgé -simple, yet beautiful

The pale, enjoyable ale that Suomenlinna Brewery made for Favela this year is a tribute to a beer style, in which the yeast used is traditionally the power behind the experience.

A simple malt profile gives the two yeast strains used some room to truly shine and show their best qualities: aromas giving hints from the fruit gardens such as pear and fig that balances the peppery notes.

Vaikka pääosassa onkin hiivakanta, tukevat mannermaiset humalat kokonaisuutta. Ne antavat hentoa mausteista vastamakua maltaan makeudelle ja varmistavat helpon juotavuuden.

Even though the yeast strain is in a starring role, the hops back the whole picture up. They give some light spicy balance to the sweetness of the malts and make sure the beer is easy to enjoy.

EBC: 10, IBU: 29

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