Sparre Pale Ale (4,6 % ABV) is a fruity pale ale with rich citrus aromas. The aftertaste is long and pleasant as it rolls hoppy flavors on your palate.

Sparre is our take on american pale ales. The american style of pale ales was developed, as the name of the beerstyle suggests, in the United States in 1970’s and 1980’s. Typically American hop varieties are used to make them. These beers taste bitter, citrusy and fruity and sometimes hints of floral or melon notes can be found. Their distinctive pale color comes from the use of pale ale malts.

Sparre Pale Ale is a fresh and refreshing summer drink

The beer got its name after lieutenant general Johan Sparre, who served as the commander of Suomenlinna at the end of the 18th century. He was a good man who, for example, founded a school for the kids of soldiers and fortress workers. A part of the fortress defending the island Iso Mustasaari is named after this significant man.

The distinctive aromas of tropical fruit and citrus of our beer come from the hop varieties used for dry hopping the beer. In dry hopping, hops are added after the main fermentation. This technique results in fresh, citrusy pungent and bitter beer with a fine textured head.

Pale ales are a good pair for many foods. Specially grilled dishes, smoky cheeses and for example a high quality cheddar are complemented by a light, fruity beer. Sparre also provides refreshments while enjoying a spicy curry or salsa!

You can get your own Sparre at grocery stores and well-equipped restaurants throughout Finland.