Ulrika Saison (5,5 % ABV) was brewed as a courtesy to the traditional harvest season beer style, with a modern twist. It tastes perfect in a busy urban setting just as well as on a hot summer's day on the countryside.

Saisons are usually of a pale color. There are some exceptions, that have a more orange color palette.

These beers have traditionally been refreshing drinks during the hard labor of harvest season. They were brewed during the spring and enjoyed on the fields as a refreshments. That's where the name originates, too - saison is French for season. The history of the beers means that they should be fresh and light. They are dry in finish and easily drinkable.

The palette of saisons comes from the yeasts that have been used. The beers are aromatic, fruity, spicy and there's often a hint of hops in the taste, that balances all these flavors. Some of the beers are spiced.

The most important thing is a balanced and pleasant end result.

Ulrika Saison has it's own character

Ulrika Saison's palate is intriguing but soft. It's been brewed with the traditional techniques in mind.

In the history of Suomenlinna, Ulrika Katharina Dorph is mentioned to have been a restauranteur. At the end of 1700's one could find quality meals in the few restaurants on the island, and some of them even served beer and liquour.

Ulrika Saison was added to our core range in May 2018 and is available in grocery stores and restaurants throughout the country.