At the heart of Finnish culture

The brewing tradition in Helsinki is hundreds of years old. The latest chapter of this story began in 1995 on the island of Suomenlinna right outside of the city. It is here that a one man brewery was founded in the former jetty barracks. The brewery has grown to be home for a small group of dedicated professionals, all passionate about beer culture in Finland. Now Suomenlinna Brewery is one of the largest local breweries in town.

The rich history at this UNESCO world heritage site has been the inspiration for many new beers at Suomenlinna Brewery. Each beer and cider we brew has its own story to tell. When professional attitude and modern technology are combined, the end results are bold, honest, high quality drinks. Our special releases are a sign of our inspiration to create and to try new things.

When you drink a Suomenlinna beer or cider we hope you taste our commitment to quality and creativity. Come visit our brewery on the island of Suomenlinna, the pearl of the Helsinki archipelago. We hope you enjoy every sip. Kippis!