Hoppe IPA (6.0 % ABV) is dry and fruity, reddish, strongly hopped English style IPA.

India Pale Ale as a beer style has a long history. In 1700’s, beer was one of the products shipped to India to be enjoyed by Englishmen residing overseas. The beers needed to be strongly hopped with British bitter hop varieties to better sustain the long journey by ship. A typical feat of IPA:s, their higher ABV also encourages preservation of the beer – and sometimes even the beer got fully fermented during the journey!

Hoppe IPA got it’s name from the history books of Suomenlinna

This drink has received its name from Fredrik Vilhelm Hoppe. Lieutenant Hoppe led the construction work at the fortress of Suomenlinna as a subordinate of Ehrensvärd. He served as a fortress designer, draftsman, and supervisor, and some of Hoppe’s drawings have even survived to this day. During trips abroad he fell in love with strongly hopped British beer styles and imported these for himself and friends to speed up the construction work on Suomenlinna.

Part of the fortress has been named after Hoppe and still honors the memory of the lieutenant to this day, just like our beer.

In addition to high quality restaurants, Hoppe is sold in Alkos.