All products into 0,33 liter bottles

On our journey of over twenty years we've been witnessing a wonderful change in the Finnish beer culture. Beer is interesting and tasting and enjoying various flavors is THE thing.

We've been asked for a product size better suiting this new way of enjoying beer and cider. And since we love food pairing, beer tasting and want to do everything to offer the perfect experience with our products, we said yes. We will change all of our products into a smaller size bottle.

September and October are busy times and our bottling line is in use constantly here at the brewery. The new products will soon start arriving to stores and restaurants, so keep your eyes open for the newcomers!

Our 0,5 liter bottles are still also available. Go get your favorite while it lasts! You'll find all of our core range products in grocery stores or Alko.

More info about availability of each product can be found on product pages. Or you can just ask us: our email address is